Rainbow Ranch Kids

Please watch this video that starts after the commercial and help us get these kids to America.  If you would like to help, please contact me or Anne George in New Zealand.  Her email is bioptron(at)infogen.net.nz  Mine is twocapos(at)gmail.com (you will have to supply the @ symbol.)

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In the pink hat is Tori
The blue hat is Samantha
The mauve hat is Talei
And the one and only boy is Ben
The TV interviewer is Corrine Ambler from TVNZ

download Red Sails in the Sunset

download Call of the Canyon

I met Anne and her Rainbow Ranch Kids on my last two trips to New Zealand.  These kids have worked so hard and have become fine singers and musicians, thanks to the loving mentoring of Anne George.  Let's show them that Americans appreciate hard work...Kiwis too.

If you would like to pledge an amount please email me with your contact info and I will contact you with the best way to get the money to them.

Thanks for you time, Alex